Automatic system, Customized-automation, Installation, After service.

Gantry loader/ Industrial robot

For 3~100kg payload workpiece transferring gantry loader. Industrial robot application for automation.

Work stocker

Stocker for metal workpiece
(disc-shaped, bar-shaped, casting),
box, tray or pallet.

Design and planning

Customized services for production line.


CNC machine and metal machining production-line automation, workpiece loading/unloading, stocking.

Apply to: Transferring, Palletizing, Packaging, etc.

Automation solutions

More than thousands of case design experience.

Industry-robot applications

6-axis robot solution with accessories,
customized-robot gripper, robot rail system,etc.

Gantry payload(3~100kg)

For metal workpiece manufacturing process.

Cooperating with CNC Machine Manufacturer

Automatic system for CNC machine.

Customized-Gantry or Stocker equipment

Design for customer's requirement, demand or layout.

Other automated-equipment

Equipment with measuring tools,
turnover station,
laser-marking station...etc.